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[VOPROSY ONKOLOGII 40:332-336, 1994]

V.A. Filov, M.L. Gershanovich, B.A. Ivin, L.A. Danova, F.A. Gurchin, A.G. Naryshkin, V.I. Leshinsky, A. G. Zemskaya, B.M. Nikiforova, and P.V. Breivis

Abstract. The results of Sehydrin administration in 46 patients with malignant and 6 patients with benign tumors of the brain are presented. Pronounced therapeutic effect for the whole group was 63.5% and 73%, if partial regression of neurological symptoms in the entire brain and separate foci is considered. The percentages for patients with malignant tumors only were 61 and 71.1, respectively. Since Sehydrin has virtually no significant untoward side-effects, it is considered a most safe medication for the management of brain tumors. It is recommended in cases of inoperable tumor and for post-operative adjuvant chemotherapy with a view toward extending the patient’s survival time and improving the quality of life.

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